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It looks like the end might be in sight! The long hot summer could be coming to an end? What makes me think this? The storks have arrived! Any guest lucky enough to time it right may have witnessed the amazing sight of the migration of these huge birds in the skies above Ras Mohammed. One year, they did get a little lost and a few ended up wandering the streets of Nabq, but thats another story.

However, it does remind me of a story I think is worth sharing, and a little walk down memory lane for me.  One year, around this time, I was just finishing what was a beautiful dive on Shark Reef, surrounded by the snapper, engulfed by giant trevally and stalked for a few moments by the moray.  As I was doing my safety stop I was looking up to check for divers and boats when I noticed two small feet paddling like mad just under the surface. Not human feet, bird feet. Upon surfacing it was infact a very large stalk, trying to stay above water. Once my guests and I were back on the boat, another kind hearted, and not so scaredy-cat instructor, managed to get close enough to realise it was having trouble. Without thinking, he placed it on the boat, much to the amusement of all aboard!
The bird was quickly placed in the shade on the bow, wrapped in a towel and we attempted to give it water, which I think it had seen to much of that day.

We called the National Park who assured us we were doing the right thing, and then promised to meet us at the jetty to collect and save our feathered friend.
Luckily it was our last dive of the day, so we headed back, a few photos were taken (no bird was hurt in the taking of said photos) and in no time the bird was being delivered to the lovely Park ranger who whisked it away to safety.However, our day was not quite finished, as me and my colleague got stopped by the jetty police when we headed back to the centre. We couldn’t really understand why they were looking so angry and waving our crew list at us.

Only through a lot of hand signals (this we are good at) and various impressions of birds, the reason for their bad mood became clear…. our feathered friend was not on our crew list. Only in Egypt….Brilliant!

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