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The world’s gone crazy! Well, maybe not the world, but definitely Sharm has. With the conference being held, Sharm is a flurry of activity at the moment. There’s gardening, cleaning, taxi drivers in suits, oh, and diving. However we are required, for security reasons, to respect a 3 mile exclusion zone from the venue, something any Sharmer will be used to whenever something important is going on.

This does limit our dive site choice somewhat and as we are meant to be headed to a local site today, our choices are limited to one. Marsa Bereka. Located within the National Park, its not normally a site we would go to on a local day, but needs must as my group today are on their first day and need conditions that allow for weight checks etc. It seems that most of Sharm is headed there also, so we try to hide away on a far mooring. No need to worry it appears, as when we arrive, most of the boats are snorkellers, and therefore we should at least have the underwater to ourselves. As we start the dive, I have forgotten what a lovely site it is, and the sand gulleys are very picturesque. As we gently fin along on one of the sandy shelves, I spot a lone anemone and its resident seems very excited to see us. After a few photos, he becomes either shy or tired, and retreats into the shelter of the tentacles. On the second dive, we head the other way and are treated to another beautiful dive. Only this one is even better. Just as we reach the shallows, there in front of us is a huge green sea turtle. The only time I’ve seen one this big is in the bay. I start to wonder if this is the same one, just in his second home. It seems a long swim if it is! Unable to confirm my suspicions I just enjoy the wonder that is this massive beast (beast is a bit strong). Back on the boat, those with cameras get to swop photos and those without are busy exchanging emails. It just reminds me how priviledged I am to earn my living doing this!

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