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As the heat continues to sizzle, I can take some relief in that I am off to Tiran where we may be treated to a breeze (probably as hot as a hairdryer, buy a breeze at least) and maybe a few cooler thermoclines.  Typical though, as we leave the jetty, its like a mill pond. Oh well, with this being arguably the best time of year for diving, I will have to ‘put up’ with it. We are there in record time, even after a slight dolphin spotting diversion.
We opt for a nice quiet dive on Gordon for the first dive, as everyone has headed to Jackson reef first. With the reef to ourselves, well almost, we have a beautiful dive, even having time to hang out with a rather inquisitive moray eel on the safety stop. He seems very interested in us, as he swims along side the group, looking ever so slightly menacing, but I’m not worried, that’s just the look nature gave them!
At Jackson reef, it’s slightly busier, but when you are rewarded with a pair of stone fish just inches apart, you can forgive the occasional bubble in your face as someone swims past. I also chuckle to myself slightly when a guest from another boat barges in front of me to get a picture of some unidentifiable species, kicks me on his way past but misses the stone fish completely. Evil? Me? Never!

With the heat still not showing signs of subsiding nearly everyone decides the water is the place to be and comes for the third dive. It’s not just the heat, the third dives;whether its the time of day, direction of sun, no one knows, is still diving us the best shark and manta sightings. So off we head, everyone just grateful for 45 minutes of relative cold. Although the dive is lovely, and I’ve spent most of my time looking out to the blue, we don’t see anything big, but my guests are happy with the small things, and the shrimps and beautiful soft corals, have kept them more than amused.  As we exit the water, and dry off within seconds, I set about getting the boat ready for the return to the jetty. Just as I’m packing my bag, I notice a text from a friend on the boat behind us, who have just got out of their dive.

With our phones being the latest version of jungle drums, is it an invite for dinner? I suspect not, more likely a sighting boast. I’ll open it later!

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