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Just when I had you all believing there was no down side to this job, I get proven wrong. I’ve been struck down with a horrible illness that will put me out of the water for at least a week and ensure that none of my friends will want anything to do with me for the same amount of time.  I can’t work and shouldn’t really leave the house, so what horrific illness have I contracted? It’s a diving instructors worst enemy….the common cold.

All your training as a diver advises you not to dive with a cold, and it’s a very important piece of advice.  Although you might feel ok, and your ears are still happily equalizing (ok, so they squeak a bit!), it’s the potential in-water problems that are to be feared. It just takes a small bubble of air to get surrounded by gunk coming from your sinuses, and as you ascend the bubble can’t escape, so causes a reverse block, meaning you have to wait before you can surface (Particularly not pleasant in winter!). Even if you dodge that particular problem, there is always the possibility of a chest infection from breathing at pressure with nasty stuff floating around your airways.If I was doing a ‘normal’ job, then I’d happily drag myself to work, take a few lemsip and generally soldier on. Even if I ignored all the medical advice, if I go into work I will then possibly spread the cold to everyone else, guests and staff, generally making me very unpopular indeed.
So I find myself sat at home, catching up on a bit of TV, and watching Facebook update me with todays sightings out and about in the Red Sea. Of course I take a few minutes to feel sorry for myself, and wonder if anyone would mind if I popped out for a medicinal beverage later? (Who am I kidding, I’ve made enough people sit in the corner myself).

As always in this job though, there is always a worse case scenario. Break a bone? 6 weeks of no pay and boredom. Still wanna be a Diving Instructor?

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