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On July the 6th, one of our daily boats completed a complex rescue operation; the victim, not a scuba diver, but a small sooty shearwater (a type of sea bird). Whilst divers were on the back of Jackson Reef, Rozza, a crew member on JoJo, noticed this poor creature struggling to stay afloat and on the verge of drowning. The bird (now known as Sooty) was taken onto the boat placed in a dive box whilst the staff on the boat decided what to do. At first it seemed like the bird was coated in oil, which would have raised huge environmental concerns, however, on closer examination it was simply so exhausted that it had become water-logged.
Guides Kristof and Jackson made their guest as comfortable as possible whilst compiling their emergency evacuation plan. A local ornithology enthusiast; Doozer Close, met the boat at the jetty and took Sooty to a makeshift bird hospital, otherwise known as his bathroom! With a night of rest and some fresh water Sooty was released the next morning, last seen heading out of Ras Katy, towards Tiran Island.
The Sooty Shearwater is listed as a threatened species and is highly unusual for the Red Sea. A big thanks to Rozza, Kristof, Jackson and of course Doozer for their efforts in saving a small but significant member of our Red Sea community.

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