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Monday 28th March 2011 started as many days do for our Red Sea Waterworld, Dive Centre Manager, Matt Kitchiner based at the Hyatt Regency in Sharm.

Walking back up the beach from Middle Garden, after the afternoons house reef dive, he was more than surprised to see that during the hour of diving the diving centre had been transformed into a movie set!

Cameras, lights, actors, extras and cables were everywhere! “We didn’t think you’d mind” came the reply when he asked the director “What have you done to my dive centre?!”

The director explained that filming scenes at the dive centre was a crucial part of the plot for his romantic drama, “Norah and Miriam”. To make up for the convenience Matt was offered the chance of a role in the film.

Never one to shy away from the camera and his 5 minutes (well, 10 seconds) of fame, Matt jumped at the opportunity. Taking his cue to stand behind the counter and smile, the cameras rolled and ACTION! The ‘star’ came to the counter for masks and fins with a short dialogue! After only 5 takes … “CUT! IT’S A WRAP!”

At the the end of another day with Red Sea Waterworld, Hyatt Matt wonders what tomorrow  will bring?

“Norah and Miriam” will be shown across the Middle East and Europe during Ramadan this year.

Making the most of his new found fame, Matt said he will be available for supermarket openings and guest appearances until the end of June!

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