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I find myself at the Hyatt again today, but this time in a diving capacity. I’ve taught a lovely couple to dive this week and they are doing a house reef dive as their first ‘fun’ dive after certification, which is also their last dive of the holiday. Getting people to be on time can be an issue here, only because of the fantastic breakfast spread. If I was staying here, I have to say I’d be trying to fit in one more freshly baked waffle, or sugar coated doughnut before it was time to dive! However, my guys are bang on time and full of enthusiasm. As we wonder to the end of the jetty, they are excitedly asking about where else is good for diving, already debating Spain or Mexico as their next destination!
We stride in and descend slowly, taking in the beautifully clear water and using our line as a nice easy way to get to the bottom. Once settled, we head off and are quickly greeted by the one-eyed blue spotted ray. As we carry on, the reef plate fades away as we turn and head towards Fiddle Garden. A lovely moray is sticking out of his hole, seemingly gulping at us. His beady little eye is a bit too much for my lady, and she backs up to give it a wide berth, much to the amusement of her partner.  Its lovely to dive early here, as no dive boats have arrived yet, and the lack of noise adds to the experience.
As we head back, I’m keen to spend a nice long safety stop right by the jetty, as the coral is shallow, and therefore colourful and attracts loads of smaller fish. Hanging around, we spot a baby scorpion fish scuttling around on the sand and I reach down to retrieve someones room key, no doubt lost by an early morning swimmer! On surfacing, the beach is starting to fill up and boats start arriving.I’m glad we started early, as I think we’ll have the best Middle Garden dive today.

And starting early means finishing early. Although given what my guests have to enjoy the rest of the day, my bowl of cereal will leave a lot to be desired this morning

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