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You have got to love summer in Sharm. If you can get used to the heat then it’s the best diving of the year. We are headed to Ras Mo today and the anticipation has everyone buzzing. Shark Reef in the summer month cannot be beaten and the daily sightings are getting better and better. Rumours of a leopard sharm were circulating, but we know for sure that the schools are back. With my group of experienced divers, we will be able to go a little deeper today, so we are even more excited, as this is where the barracuda have been seen lately.
We complete the 3D briefing (if you don’t know what that is, ask anyone who’s dived Shark Reef with the college) and get kitted up. As we expected it’s busy, but with a bit of common sense and avid watching of other boats, we easily find a quiet time to jump, and it’s my turn to do the current check. As I throw myself in, I don’t get swept from the boat, so I can instantly tell it’s not that bad! I don my mask and glance down. It’s enough to take my breath away. Clear water and a huge group of trevally are sitting under the boat, extending as deep as the eye can see, apparently not bothered by me or the boat engine.  “jump’ is my command and my group do as they are told, for once. They are in before I know it, and having seen what I have, it’s a race to get down.  Stopping at 5m to check everyone, we quickly follow the fish wall down, and as we level off at 30m, there is no sign of the end of this school. Cautiously swimming among them, my guests get some great shots, and I have to metaphorically drag them away, as I know there is more to see.
And I’m right. We are treated to the resident Napoleon fish having a look at us, followed closely by his mate the morey.  As we head to the Yolanda wreckage, we encounter a current, which prevents us from getting to the toilets, but no-one seems bothered as nature presents us with a group of batfish to wonder at instead. Reluctantly we have to end the dive, and the turtle swimming by on our safety stop tops off the day.

Much as Manta’s are still being seen on local dive sites, and Tiran is stunning at this time of year, I suspect neither will get a look in from this group this week, suspect it will be Ras Mo all the way. I’m not complaining!

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