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With Egypt attracting more international attention this week you might expect us to all be here, twiddling our thumbs, anxiously waiting. Well, that’s not what’s happening! We have guests who are anxious….but only because they want to go diving and we are glad to find we are operating as usual.

And it’s not just the guests who are already here, we have people checking in daily, just happy to be away from the storms and bad weather that has battered Europe in the last few months. A week of sun, sea and diving is just what the doctor ordered, and we are more than happy to provide it!

My guests are really excited to be here. It turns out they have learnt in the UK, and fell in love with diving in joy that is a UK reservoir. A friend then suggested that they may enjoy the Red Sea, and two days later they had booked!  Now, 6 months later, I don’t think their enthusiasm has dampened at all, and it’s like having 2 school children with me!

Lagging behind….

After explaining the need for extra weight here in the rather salty Red Sea, and subsequent kitting up, we get in. The beach is quiet this morning, which means we can amble in without having to dodge the snorkelers and before I know it we are away.  My female guest is concentrating on staying behind me and following my briefing, looking very stern as she does so. Her partner, however, seems to have left his brain in his locker and is randomly swimming in any direction that has a moving fish in its vicinity. Unluckily for him, today this means a lot of random swimming! One minute he is chasing a parrot fish, then it’s a grouper, next a butterfly fish takes his fancy and the next time I turn around a flounder is being stalked.

When I manage to get the attention of his rather serious looking dive buddy, I see a great opportunity to inject a bit of humour into the dive. Gesturing that she should stop and look, she gently kneels down and sets about trying to figure out what I’m showing her. When I point at her partner she seems to look past him, looking for something more exciting!Its then that my logical side kicks in and a quick hand signal combination that involves the standard ‘your buddy’ sign followed by a very odd looking impression of random swimming man that she gets the joke! For the first time, she cracks a smile and even lets out a little chuckle.

As we enjoy a coffee during the debrief, I have to bring up the fish chasing incident. The reply I got was brilliant and resulted in me saying the following….. “But it’s a fish who lives in the sea, you are a human, who lives on land…you were never going to catch it…”

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