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Once again, the season has proved to be a Manta party on the westerly local dive sites, and luckily for us, Amphoras is the house reef of our Red Sea Waterworld dive centre situated in the Ritz-Carlton.
Amphoras is situated on the easterly corner of a bay containing a number of dive sites that all share similar characteristics, so why is this area proving to be such a draw?

When the water start to heat up, the sightings start. This is due to the warm water carrying plankton rich water which is the main food source for Mantas. 
Every year, Sharm has reported sightings of Manta from April onwards as this predictable circle of events happens.
However, what is odd is that in the last couple of years, the sightings have become so common that most divers in a week here will see at least one diving local.

Amphoras, along with the other sights in the bay, has a topography ideal for mantas – a sloping reef wall with slight currents and a drop off towards deeper water. 
After carrying out some internet research, we have come up with one possible answer – Global Warming. Apparently, many experts believe that global warming has played a vital role in the apparent migration of Mantas. Given that Mantas are happiest in very warm tropical temperatures, (and have been known to beach themselves in warm lakes when the water dries out through increased heat) they are possibly flocking to Sharm to enjoy the warmer sea temperatures that we have been seeing the last few years – the minimum temperature has risen a degree and the maximum we used to see (30 degrees) is now being reached by the end of July, a full 6 weeks earlier than before.

Whatever the reason, we are more than happy to be pondering this!  These sights are a great 3rd dive, with the reef being ideal for a relaxing shallow end to your day. 

Keep checking our Facebook groups for updates on our sighting of these and other sea life.

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