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Many of us are astounded the first time we catch a glimpse of the underwater world, unfortunately most of us lack the creativity to express this fully. One very talented young Advanced Open Water Student was so inspired by her diving she wrote a song. Stephanie Fitchett explains all;

“Last year I was lucky enough to complete my Advanced Open Water PADI Course in Sharm El Sheikh. The plan was a week of diving but, being a plan, it didn’t turn out exactly as I expected. The ash cloud from Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano meant I had another weeks diving 🙂

When I first arrived in Sharm, sunglasses, suitcase and snorkel, I was taken by the colours, the music…the shisha. 😉  But what stole me the most was the diving. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. In the water, mask on, regulator in, tank strapped on tight…I felt so calm. And under the rippling waves the water stretched out for miles. And the different shades of blue all melting into each other with ease.

The fish! Napoleon Wrasse. Parrot Fish. Clown Fish. Goat Fish. Butterfly Fish. Moray. Eagle Ray. Sting Ray. Scorpion Fish. Pyjama Fish. Gobies. So many beautiful fish. It was a world that I have never even imagined. It was something so different, so new to me. The first time I went down I could barely believe my eyes. I never expected anything like it. I thought it would just be a few silver fish and some sand and that would be all. But the life down there! It makes you think that we are only visitors in this huge wide world – so much more colossal than our own. You could stand on the edge of the boat, speeding out to the diving sight and look out to  blue water and blue sky. But it was when I was diving in the blue, I knew I had to write it down. And this is what came. Puppets :)”

To get a free download of this very talented young lady’s song go to http://www.reverbnation.com/artist/exclusives/artist_1555380 and if you have been inspired in another way by diving please let us know.

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