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The process started 4 years ago, with RSDC helping PADI attain an ISO standard for diver training. Now we have been awarded our ISO Accreditation! ISO 24803:2007, as it is formally known, is given in recognition of meeting ISO standards with regards to “requirements for recreational scuba diving service providers’. 


Collaboration between European ISO standards, CDWS and the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, has let to dive centres in Sharm being offered the chance to be accredited with ISO Standards, in an effort to regulate the standard of services offered to its guests.

  It started as an accreditation of diver training, of which PADI was the first diver training agency to meet these standards, back in 2004. From there, the focus has been on providing an accreditation reflecting the services of individual dive operations. Items looked at included diver safety and facilities among others.

  As a guest, this means that although outside of Europe, you can be assured that Red Sea Diving College adhere to the standards you would expect from any accredited European dive centre. Good news all round!

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