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We found this Anenomefish holding on for life despite all the surrounding rubbish. 2000 old coke bottles were brought up in phase two of our Naama Bay jetty clean-up.  

Nemo’s not happy – and with good reason. These tenacious fish are hanging on for dear life despite being engulfed by hundreds of Coke bottles dropped over the years from boats docking at Naama Bay jetty in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. The reefs around the Sinai remain in great condition but in the past little attention has been paid to what lies beneath the jetty. It is one of the busiest diving departure points in the world with dozens of diving and snorkeling boats leaving for the reefs every morning. However despite what has gone before, things are now beginning to look up for the marine life in the vicinity.


The second episode of a rolling jetty clean-up programme took place recently, organised by the Red Sea Diving College and under the authority of Dr Mohammed Abdel Rahman, chief marine biologist at the Ras Mohammed national park. The clean-ups have started to make a big impact on the under-jetty marine environment but much work remains. The programme aims to completely clear the area by the end of 2008 but it will take several more of such events to complete this project.

On the morning of December 7, after the boats had left for the dive sites, the multi-national Red Sea Diving College teams descended below the jetty and managed to fill 52 diving crates with bottles. That works out at around 2000 bottles! If only coke still gave deposits on returns.

Nemo holding on

A few deposits here!

Not to be outdone by the bringing up of all these bottles, Victor from Moscow managed to bring to the surface – with the help of lift-bags – two of the old car tyres that are also a massive environmental blight on the area around the jetty.There are even the remains of an old glass bottomed boat sitting right under the jetty above which day trippers, oblivious to what lies beneath, walk to join their boats every day. Back-up staff from Red Sea Diving College organised two large trucks to take away all the rubbish for re-cycling.Coca Cola regional representatives have been approached recently and the company has made very positive noises about the project. Negotiations continue and we expect to be able to report their official support for the programme soon which will be welcomed by all Sinai diving operations. So as the famous advert goes: Have a coke and a smile – but please don’t toss the bottle into the sea.A big thanks to all those involved – Part 3 coming soon.

Best wishes to all and we hope to see you in 2008

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