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It’s that time of the year again when dive centres, equipment manufacturers and dive tour operators start to madly prep themselves for ‘Show time’.  No we are not talking about an all singing, all dancing diver cast for Broadway as we only look good in neoprene and not tights. But YES we are talking about the Birmingham NEC Dive show.  This is where almost anyone who is anyone in the dive industry gathers together to showcase their wares and to catch up on the latest and greatest dive chat.

So it’s all systems go for us but what about you as the diver; the holiday diver, the not quite a diver but maybe want to be, the cold water Brit diver or the wannabe tech diver.  What’s in it for you and should you show or not go?

For the price the ticket, the show actually packs a lot in.  This year there is the PhotoZone, new products showcase, 3D Free-Dive Simulator and themed travel areas.  There is so much to see that it actually covers 21 halls totaling 200,000sqm.  As they say ‘Do the math’ and that’s not a lot of money for the mileage your feet will be doing.  With that amount of ground to cover, one top tip from experienced show goers is to work out what interests you.  You can then pin-point exhibitors to visit or if you are not specifically targeting one area, feel free to wander around aimlessly and please stop and have a chat at stand PV16 – we are all super friendly and quite happy to spend some time with you.

Exhibitors aside there is much more going and in fact some really cool interactive stuff.  If you are new to diving and are not really sure then there is the try-dive pool – this is particularly good for kids to have a go and keeps them amused. Whilst they are dipping into this watery hole, you can visit the shows other ‘watering hole’ a place to catch up on all the latest dive chat.

Before visiting the bar to catch up with your buddies don’t forget to check the Ocean Theatres for some innovative and inspiring presentations.  Peruse around the equipment specialists where you can get hands on experience with the latest gadgets and technology.  There is also the Rebreather try dive which is great if you want to get the feel for it before booking a real Rebreather introductory dive in the Red Sea. Our Pure team has lots of options when you arrive to try Rebreather diving amongst the corals and marine life.

There is a special showcase on Asian-pacific liveaboards, the Caribbean Village; The British Isles experience for those tough cold water divers and of course the PADI Village where you will find your Red Sea Diving College team.  We’ll be there at PV16 waiting for you.  Pass by for a chat and we can let you into some of the secrets of the best Red Sea diving, talk about VIP One our luxury liveaboard with first-hand experience and let you know the best Dive Show deals.  So should you Show or not go? Well we think it’s a definite thumbs up to go – and what else are you going to do on a rainy weekend, apart from dream of blue sea SCUBA diving.

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