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Built locally in Sharm, the structures raised a few eyebrows in transit, the security guards in Naama not really sure what to make of the delivery, and explanations seemingly beyond translation!At the beach, the kids were a little upset that their temporary climbing frames were removed, but the job had to carry on. Due to a large Technical course being underway, the supply of lift bags was severely limited, and bcds were used as an alternative measure to transport the items once in the water.

With the college instructors in full swing, led skilfully by the ever reliable Hooch, it didn’t take long for one to take the opportunity of a quick break, and place himself in the d(r)iving seat of the ship while everyone else built up a sweat in the 31 degree water. The boat seemed particularly at home, its dynamics meant it naturally descended into a perfect position.
Hopefully, weather conditions will soon permit the trip to the Million Hope and the reefs can begin fulfilling their environmental purpose, rather than just giving aesthetic pleasure, as soon as possible.Within a week of the initial installation, the reef has already attracted some inhabitants, the open structure giving shelter to some of the juveniles from the bay, who seem more than happy with their new residence.

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