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2009 is a year with a lot of novelties on the Tek side at the Red Sea Diving College. Since this year, PURE Tek and Rebreather College is not only a DSAT and IANTD Instructor Training Facilty, but as well a TDI 5 star Instructor Training Facility.

New options offered through TDI include the newest closed circuit rebreather (CCR) options. Now, the Advanced Nitrox Course as well as the Decompression Procedures Course can be taught directly on a rebreather without having to take an open circuit course. In this way, any certified Nitrox Diver can go directly for closed circuit rebreather diving by taking the CCR Advanced Nitrox + CCR Air Diluent Diver package.

Also, and this is an exclusivity of PURE in the Middle-East, the TDI Cavern Diver Course, as well as the TDI Intro to Cave and Full Cave Courses, can be taken directly on a rebreather. The first CCR Cavern Course ever in Egypt has taken place at the College last month, and has allowed our students to discover some of the many caverns and entrances of caves systems in Sharm-el-Sheikh. This without creating destructive gas pockets in the cave ceilings.

The Tek Team has discovered some hidden places in the depths of the Sinai, and much more is to be unveiled. We’ll be able to give more information about what’s been found very soon.
Of course, you could just come over, join us and be among the first ones to explore what hasn’t been explored before… For this, and other info, please contact tek@redseacollege.com
Hope to see you soon down here !

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