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A blowy day out today, and after a lovely dive at Ras Ghazlani the wind has picked up, so we decide to miss out our normal Shark Reef dive. Ras Mo can be very exposed if the wind is going the wrong way, and today is one of those days.The reason is simple, the swell is too large for us to safely get out (getting in is always achievable as you can just fall in or jump!). Approaching the ladder will be dangerous in these conditions, so we decide to head to a more sheltered site. It turns out our best option is Shark Observatory, nicely protected by a huge cliff face that will calm the waters somewhat.

Despite its name, it’s unlikely that we will see a shark, but the dive itself is under-rated in my opinion. The sheer coral wall means that there is no real place for anyone to ‘sit down’ and therefore no training takes place, hence very little damage. What you do have is a beautiful coral wall which is covered in soft and hard coral, fed by the currents that are often present. It looks even more beautiful when lit up by the sunlight, which today is highlighting what I like the call the ‘Graffiti Wall’. It’s a part of the wall that is pretty much flat, like a bill board, but covered in the most amazing selection of hard coral which is shallow enough for the true colours to shine through. It does literally look like people have come here and added their own ‘tags’ to it, making a breathtaking collage of colour.  I’ve purposely started my dive later on than normal in the site, so we can spend more time at Graffiti Wall. None of my guests have heard of this highlight before so we take our time and my lot are more that happy to take turns getting some great shots, with everyone keeping a distance at first to ensure diver free photos. When everyone is happy, we move in closer to get a better view of the details of the coral formation.
Everyone is suitably impressed when we surface, and it feels great to introduce seasoned Sharm divers to something they haven’t seen before!
It’s even better to see divers working seamlessly, and almost telepathically, together to make sure everyone gets the best of a dive, and I’m proud of my lot today. It could have been a proper bun fight!

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