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I’ve had a relatively quiet week, and it’s been lovely. Much as diving every day is a pleasure (most of the time!), it can be nice to enjoy a few days off in a row and enjoy the closest thing we will get to a weekend. Once you have spent a day catching up on chores (they still have to be done), running round trying to catch various shops open at random times to do other stuff, it leaves you a day to wake up late and even treat yourself to a proper fry up for breakfast, assuming you have recently had some truly lovely guests who brought you a bacon delivery….

So when your phone rings on one of these days, it pays to look who it is before you answer it. As I curse under my breath, having answered such a call without looking, I find myself strolling into work to cover an unexpected guest.

As I’ve said before, we get a lot of walk in guests and quite often they want to dive there and then. More often than not this happens on a cloudy day when holiday makers don’t want to sit on a sunless beach and seek out something that isn’t sun dependant. (However, we do have a chuckle at the determined ones who still sunbathe all day but skip the sun cream due to imagined ‘lack of UV Rays!)

So, a little out of kilter, not to mention out of breathe, I am greeted by a young couple who are looking very excited, and grateful. It turns out that they came to Egypt on a last minute break and didn’t realise that you could dive here. Odd though it sounds, booking their holiday 24 hours before they left meant they were concentrating on packing and loading up on sun cream rather than thinking about diving possibilities. When they dropped into the centre they couldn’t believe their luck that we could have them in the water within an hour!

Dad was left in charge while mum popped out

And we kept our word.  As I assembled my kit at lightning speed, they kitted themselves up and by the buddy check stage we were all ready.  The water was very inviting today and, as usual, the fish were playing nicely and showing off.  The clown fish have obviously laid eggs recently, the manic display encountered when we got close showed their normal level of maternal (or paternal!) instinct as they repeatedly attack – it’s a loose term – in and out, darting around as they frantically protect their young.

My guests are over the moon, and can’t wait to get on the boat tomorrow.

The house reef always gives such a lovely glimpse into what’s to come…

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