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On your first day of diving with the Red Sea Team you will have had a briefing about bringing your passport for Ras Mohammed, rules for diving in the National Park and among other things details of the tape around the tops of our cylinders. All dive cylinders were marked with a strip of coloured insulation tape around the valve to indicate a full tank.

Despite divers putting this tape in the rubbish, a dive is still often peppered with small coloured strips of plastic tape. To try to minimise this, all of Red Sea Diving College tanks will now have a new environmentally friendly method of indicating a full or empty tank.

A strip of hose over the valve will show tank full and those without…well they have been used. Secured to the valve these hoses are replaced and re-used after each fill.

This method is far more ecological as aside from the saving of using miles and miles of plastic tape a year it will also result in a far less littered reef.

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