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Another day, another dive.  Today is a nice easy day in the bay for me. I’ll be going through some skills with a guests who has not dived for an incredible 20 years! Things have changed somewhat since she qualified, but looking through her log book reassures me that this should not be an impossible task. She’s done some fantastic diving, in Sharm in the 80’s, some awesome wreck dives in Scotland and also a fair amount of diving from the UK’s south coast. I know that just the UK shore diving is hard enough sometimes and this lady has got endless dives there.

It turns out she was an avid diver in her youth, although apparently her local club was not as welcoming of females as they could have been. She soldiered on and did years of happy diving, before deciding to start a family. Despite promising herself this would not happen, she finds herself entering the water after that many years break. Apparently family life just got in the way!
First we address some changes in dive academics that have evolved over the years, having a great chat about the RDP table and its uses. Satisfied it makes sense, we move on to the kit. An inflater hose is a surprise, and the alternate air source is a welcome addition!
It’s fascinating hearing about diving back then, and I want to stay a chat, rather than dive!
However, we manage to get in and I start showing her a few skills that simply would not have existed when she learnt.  Inflate with a button for a start!!!
Recognise this?
The skills are much as I expected them to be from a student who is happy underwater, they just need to learn the mechanics, but it’s when we go for a dive that I’m left stunned. This lady has better buoyancy than me, and I was in the water just yesterday.  There’s no ‘faffing’, she just takes it in her stride. And is as excited as I have seen anyone. She’s not doing the underwater-darting around common in new divers, but her face tells it all. The sheer look of amazement makes my day, no, actually my week. Back on land and she swears that underwater, Sharm has not changed at all. Whether thats rose tinted glasses or not, I’m going with it.
I can’t even tell you what we saw today, sorry, but sometimes watching the joy in someones face is a distraction.

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