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Another week, another dive! I’m taking a couple for a check dive in the bay today, and they are repeat guests who have, in turn, become great friends.  It’s always a pleasure to dive with these two, and I actually taught the lady of this couple to dive (Let’s hope those check dive skills are ok, always embarrassing if not!).  Knowing them as I do, I contemplate dragging my wetsuit out of its winter retirement, as it’s going to be a long dive.

Going for the shortie option, don’t want to appear too wimpy, we kit up and hit the water. I’m really looking forward to this dive, as I know it will be more like a fun dive for me, and that doesn’t happen too often.  The skills are quickly out the way (and she looked great even if I do say so myself) and our attention is quickly diverted to the main part of the dive…..the turtle mission.  The green sea turtle has been spotted, but in an area of sea grass which is beyond the limits of most people’s dive, purely due to the distance to swim from our confined area, but with these two, it should be a breeze. So off we head, barely noticing the wrasse as it swims past. The schooling butterfly fish are left un-photographed as we continue our mission. Over the sand, past the reef and over the sandbank and we are there. Now to look for the tell tale signs – clouds of sand. If you have ever seen this turtle you will know how big he is and laugh at the fact that you have to hunt for him, but it’s true, nestled in the sea grass they are the masters of disguise! We hunt and hunt but with time running away with us it’s time to head back. Taking a little bit more notice of our fishy surroundings on the way back, we take a moment to stop and spend a minute with a dwarf lionfish (Sooo cute) before heading to the shallow.

My guests are obviously a little disappointed, but they have a whole week to go yet, and as they say, a good day at the office is no-where near as good as a turtle-less dive!

You can’t always see what you want on a dive, but much like the lottery, you’ve got to be in it to win it!

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