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Photographers Special @ No Extra Cost

Whether you are a traditional wet film camera fan or prefer the ease and convenience of a digital camera – admit it, we have all deleted that dodgy picture of a fish tail before getting back on the boat! – The sight of divers with photographic equipment is no longer a novelty.

This rapidly increasing trend has bought with it some new demands from divers. Ever been left at the back of your group wondering if you should stay and get that perfect clown fish shot but lose sight of the rest? Wanted to spend an entire dive around one pinnacle? Been worried about your kit out of the water?
Voted Best Diving Centre in the Red Sea 2005, Red Sea Diving College constantly strives to meet and exceed customer expectations and have been focusing on offering the perfect photography-friendly diving solution.

From June 1st we will provide a dedicated service for those who can’t be parted with their cameras!
For the first time in the Red Sea, you can be part of a dedicated dive group where a camera is compulsory kit. Board the dive boat and your photographic guide will ensure your camera is safely stored on the dive deck. Once at the dive site, your guide takes you to the best parts of the reef, pointing out fantastic photographic opportunities and ensuring you get the shots you want for the day and more. Of course, only catering for photographers and their buddies, the dives are conducted at a slow and relaxed pace, ensuring you have all the time required to get those much sort after pictures to treasure. The reduced group size ensures that everyone can get that winning shot. With dedicated rinse tanks for your valuable equipment, you can ensure your kit is kept in optimum conditions during the day. With up to 3 dives a day, you really can make the most of the legendary reefs of the Red Sea at no extra cost. That’s right. Dedicated guides, slow paced, small groups – photography friendly diving at no extra cost.

Red Sea Diving College can make your photography dreams become a reality!

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