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On the evening of Friday 29th January 2010, the day before it was due to re-enter the water VIP One was severely damaged in a fire at Suez dry dock. The luxury liveaboard had just been revamped and was ready to hit the water again when the blaze swept through the docks. It was extremely fortunate that no one was hurt in the fire which also destroyed a number of other Red Sea Liveaboards. Luckily VIP One was left charred but still salvageable unlike the other boats.


After a year of hard work, Sinai Services is thrilled to announce that VIP One is back in the water and ready to hi the seas for the 2011 dive safari season. Boat Manager Darin Bailey has worked tirelessly with the rebuild to make the boat even better than before. Darin stated, ‘She was severely damaged by the blaze and we had to strip her down until there were no burning traces left’.

‘The captains hut and master cabin had to be taken off completely and the saloon and dining place was stripped down to a bare skeleton’, Darin continues. ‘Luckily the lower cabins, both engines and compressors were not damaged and could be saved completely’.

Stripped down, the boat was ready to be rebuilt with a few modifications. The boat now has a “digital corner” containing a laptop, flat screen monitor, media player, an area for photographers to work on their camera’s and there is even WiFi now on the boat.

Up on the top deck the captains “wheel house” is now packed with the latest radar, radio and navigation technology.

Darin is most proud of the new on board bar where guests can relax at the end of an exciting days diving, enjoying the sofa area on the top deck. With 3 fridges, a water filter ice maker and another full “media corner” it is the perfect place to relax with a beer.

Imagine a day filled with diving the Red Sea, a stunning sunset viewed from the bar followed by a sumptuous meal and the same planned for the days ahead!

The boat is ready to take you on your next diving adventure!

For bookings or more information you can contact info@vipone.com or surf to www.vipone.com

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