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As always, it’s been a very busy first half of the year for the PURE Rebreather College, our tek department.

To keep up with the ever increasing demand for rebreather courses and other services, the staff of PURE has had to expand and strengthen its skills base. With Robin now guiding Trimix divers on CCR, and Andy and Wahid having finalized their CCR Evolution Instructor ratings, the PURE Rebreather College is proud to the largest and most qualified rebreather instructor team worldwide. 

At the same time, PURE is keeping up with all latest innovations and technologies, by taking delivery of the first ISC Pathfinder and Hollis Prism 2 units in Egypt, and Christian visiting the US last month to take a look at the Hollis Explorer unit. Of course, we’ll be taking a few of these exciting new pieces of equipment later this year, as soon as they are available.

Christian also finalized his CCR Megalodon Instructor Trainer Course, allowing PURE to become the only Facility at this side of the world able to train Megalodon Instructors.

Together with the Hollis Prism 2, ISC Pathfinder, AP Evolution, AP Inspiration, VR Technologies Sentinel, Poseidon Mk6 Trimix 60m and soon the Hollis Explorer, this brings the number of rebreather units available for diver and instructor training at PURE to 8 different units, covering about 95% of all current rebreather units on the market.So, it doesn’t seem the 6 coming months will be any quieter…The Rebreather Revolution is definitely here !

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