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April has been a very busy time for Tek and Rebreather diving at the Red Sea Diving College, with guests coming from all over, even Australia! The training department has been rushed off their feet and Chris Armstrong has joined them as a CCR instructor.
Interested in taking the first steps to bubble-less diving? Get – €250 off your Rebreather course

For a limited time, we are offering the Rebreather Air Diluent Course at a reduced price of only €700 instead of €950! Contact us for further details of this offer.

All this talk of Tek got you interested in taking your diving a step further? Here’s the new course schedule.
(Contact us if you don’t see what you are interested in and we’ll try to organize it!)

– 11th/15-16th of May : TDI/IANTD CCR Normoxic Diver/Instructor
– 14th/16th of June : SDI Solo Diving Diver/Instructor
– 17th/19th of June : TDI Cavern Diver/Instructor (OC or CCR)
– 3rd/7th of July : IANTD/TDI Normoxic Diver/Instructor
– 8th/10th of July : TDI Cavern Diver/Instructor (OC or CCR)
– 27th/3rd of July : TDI CCR Diver MEGALODON
– 3rd/5th of August : IANTD/TDI CCR Normoxic Diver

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