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Red Sea Diving College in Sharm has hosted its first Underwater Olympics, in support of the Recompression Chamber. Its all for Charity… The concept was dreamed up by staff during a night out and plans were soon in place to make the unusual event happen. The day started with staff signing up for one of three teams, (the chosen names are not repeatable) and then they hit the water of their confined area in front of the Red Sea College, for the most exercise the instructors have had in a long time! It should be pointed out that events were chosen for their humour more than actual inclusion in the “normal” Olympics. First came the 10m no fin sprint. In this hotly contested event a surprise technique of one contender, Christian, pulling himself along the sand instead of running led to cries of cheating already. Swiftly moving on, the hurdles proved another popular event as the teams tried to get through a set of hoops as quickly as possible. The person who ended up getting tangled in the first proved the value of “Stop, think, then act”. The Shot Put seemed to disprove Newton’s theory of gravity in that Alex somehow made the kilo weight move backwards (he was also allowed to compete in the javelin with the same result!). The non-traditional egg and spoon race ensued, and the lack of broken eggs was disappointing, although the ref Susie was none too pleased that the only one that did get broken afterwards was on her head.

In another non-official event, the three-legged race techniques were interesting to say the least, but it appeared that hopping worked best! The relay was unfortunately abandoned due to one teams lack of players (Tamer and Christian ran low on air and will not be allowed to forget this for a long long time – call themselves Instructors??), and subs had to be called in for the horseracing. Penalty points were dished out at this point for one horse and jockey team mounting another. Women proved to have better natural dynamics in the long jump and wiped the board in this event, with Angela proving far more agile than any of the boys! The tug of war ended in a free for all with arms and legs going in all directions which resulted in the event being call a draw. The teams returned to the college after a tiring day and following the steward’s enquiries into various breaching of rules and general bad sportsmanship the scores were totted up and awards presented, and then it was on to the pub for further allegations to be banded around.

The occasion, which is to become an annual event, raised a surprising amount of over 5000 pounds (especially considering the amount of fun that went into completing it), and a payment was made to the local Hyperbaric Chamber run by Dr Adel. Sponsorship was kindly provided by many local businesses, and a thanks is gladly given to all the following: Red Sea Diving College, Hyatt Regency Hotel Sharm, Beyond Limits dive shop and the PADI Redistributors office for Egypt.

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