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Just when you thought you had seen it all!
In January and February instructors at Red Sea Waterworld Taba dedicated their time and effort to find new sites in the region. As a result, 3 new dive sites have been added to our full day boat schedule. Shaab Tamer and Shaab Aidy, named after IDC Staff Instructor Tamer Abdel Azim and legendary Dive Guide Ahmed el Aidy respectively, are sites north of the centre, while Shaab Ghamila (translated – Beautiful Corals) is located to the south.

Since introducing these sites to divers the feedback has been great. All the typical marine life in the area can be found and there have been many encounters with turtles. This was in winter remember! Things will only get better as we reach the summer months.

If you have already visited these new sites, let us know what you think about them by adding posts and photos or starting discussions on our Facebook group. For those planning a return trip to Taba Heights, we hope you will enjoy these new additions.
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