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by Nicci Osgerby

In October this year Red Sea Water World in Taba Heights was host to a group of divers from Reading Blue Coats School. 40 boys and girls, led by super teacher Stuart Sadler along with his team of instructors and teachers, visited for the third time and stayed at the Sofitel hotel. The Red Sea Water World instructors working with the group this year were Nicci Osgerby, Sarah Keeler, Gary Maguire, Trevor Shipston and John Butler. During this trip six new Open Water divers were certified, 12 gained their Advanced Open Water certificates and one his Digital Underwater Photography Speciality.

On Halloween day the dives were a little different to normal.
The first dive was an underwater group photo, much practice on land ensured that everyone was breathing in at the same time for a clear photo.
The second dive was a clean up and coral monitoring mission, a continuation of the coral watch programme the school participated in last year.
The third dive was held in front of the centre and was a competition dive.

There were three events:
‘No fins race’ – self explanatory!
‘Bust a move’ cube – each diver had ten seconds to pull their best pose before their photo was taken.
‘Pop or drop’ – a hovering version of ‘pass the parcel’ with weights instead of presents!

After judging, prizes were given for first, second and third place, including a five day diving package, equipment rental for five days and snorkel trips.
The teachers came up with their own ‘special’ prizes and others were donated by the Sofitel hotel.

The week culminated in a Bar-B-Que on the beach, slideshows and much gossip about the events that took place!

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