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The Red Sea Diving College has the long standing reputation as the premiere training facility in Sharm el Sheikh and is particularly recognized as the place to train for ‘Going Pro’. Whether you decide to go from zero to hero in one swift sweep or take a slightly more relaxed route to professional diving status, the Red Sea Diving College has the perfect package for you.

With this in mind we have decided to launch our ‘Rescue Diver to Dive Master fast track’ exclusively at the London Dive Show.  Our team will be on stand 4 in the PADI Village to answer all of your questions on the first steps to becoming a Pro diver.   This package is designed especially to help you out with the intermediate stage, helping you get ready to GoPro.   As you need 40 dives to start your PADI Dive Master we’re giving you a kick start by adding 7 extra dives to your logbook with our latest offer.

For as little as €480.00 you can start your week with a nice relaxing dive on our house reef before getting down to the study PADI Emergency First Response course.  As always PADI have created a fun interactive course to learn CPR and First Aid, so the time flies whilst you are learning important potentially lifesaving skills.

Next in your fun filled week is the PADI Rescue Diver course – this is where you really form a bond with your Instructor as you learn some very special skills in SCUBA and have lots of fun practicing them so you are ready for the final rescue scenarios.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself shouting ‘Pizza Pizza’ whilst bobbing about in the bay.

As we love SCUBA education we want to encourage you to go on to do your Dive Master course and to help you out with logging the dives we have thrown in a special 2+1 dive package adding a total of 7 dives to your logbook.

The final ‘cherry on the cake’ of encouragement is if you book one of our ‘Rescue to DM fast track’  packages and pre-book your Dive Master within 4 months of the Rescue course we will give you 10% discount on the Dive Master course meaning you can GoPro for €495.00.  This is an amazing deal which no other dive centre can offer – showing that Red Sea Diving College are ‘the original and still the best’ with diver education.

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