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What’s the first thing you remember about your PADI Rescue course?  Most people, especially if they did their course in the Red Sea remember how much fun it was.  They remember their buddy shouting ‘Pizza, Pizza’ before disappearing beneath the blue, only to be recovered and dragged up the beach to an audience of rather red sunbathers.

Yes it was great fun – but as a qualified PADI Rescue Diver and on a more serious note – do you remember the ratio and how to give breaths on the surface of the water, whilst towing?  Do you remember how to approach a panicked diver and more importantly how to remove yourself from their grip?  What about administering O2? Bringing an unconscious diver up from the seabed?  Some of us may remember the procedures, but on the practical side, most of us will be a little rusty with the skills.

Red Sea Diving College, the premiere teaching facility in Sharm el Sheikh and the first PADI Career Development Centre have come up with a cracker; the ‘Rescue Review’ course.    The review course takes just one day out of your holiday – this one day may well save some one’s life.   You will have the opportunity to review the PADI Rescue diver video and the rescue scenarios, before going into the bay to revise your skills.  The Instructor will help you practice and re-familiarize yourself with the skill set.

After the skill set has been completed, you will go through a little theory, try the final exam and then complete the two complete rescue scenarios in the bay.  After the review, you will leave feeling confident and safe in the knowledge that your diver certification level matches your skills.  We hope that you never have a chance to use these skills, but in the unlikely event that you do, you will be happy you reviewed them with the Red Sea Diving College ‘Rescue Review’ course.

If you EFR course is out of date, we can also provide a Rescue review + EFR update package.  For more information contact sales@sinai-services.com.

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