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A heart-felt apology to all our valued -and in some cases gullible- guests.

You may have noticed our news yesterday that we are making the carrying of a third fin part of standard kit configuration for safety and convenience.
This, as some (but not all of you!) cleverly deducted that it was infact a hoax, owing to the date – 1st April……..

And shame on those of you who fell for it… “circular diver syndrome”…. “Big fish hallucinations”…. Really??
We hope it cheered your Monday up, with a particular thanks to those who contacted us to tell us what a great idea it was (don’t worry, we won’t name and shame!!)

Kind regards
The Team


The Red Sea Diving College hereby announces that from today all guests booking diving packages will be required to have in their possession three fins. The usual complement of a pair of fins will no longer be acceptable. The introduction of a third fin is in order to combat the increasingly regular problem of guests losing a fin. This situation is bad enough if the loss occurs while at the dive centre or on a boat, but is highly inconvenient when it happens during a dive.
The third fin is to be carried at all times, so as to be immediately available in the event of fin loss.
The recommended method is to attach a short bungee cord with a quick release clip to the strap
of the third fin and attach this clip to a suitable D-ring on your BCD. Attachment advice will be
gladly be given by any of our diving staff to any diver requiring assistance or advice.

This important initiative will also solve a common problem encountered by sufferers of fin-loss,
namely ‘‘circular dive syndrome”. With propulsion available only on one foot, the victim of
fin loss finds it impossible to swim in a straight line, thus not only losing contact with the group,
but also having to endure simply swimming in a small circle, creating a dull dive until air use forces him or her to the surface. Fin misplacement can also be quite distressing, leading to increased air consumption, elevated stress levels and total loss of buoyancy awareness.

Extensive research carried out by DAN (Divers Alert Network) and NOAA (National Oceanic
and Atmospheric Administration), has shown that fin loss, in severe cases, can even lead to
hallucination and bogus ”big fish” sighting claims.

We are sure that all our guests will appreciate the necessity of this step, and will embrace the
initiative fully. Guests renting equipment will, of course, be supplied with a third fin as part of
their equipment package.

Please note, that we also considered the suggestion that a second mask should be worn at all times, on the back of the head, in case of mask loss. This was rejected as, honestly, bloody ridiculous.

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