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The US Army, for the first time, has rewarded the services of an individual dive centre, and Red Sea diving College were more than honoured to be the recipients. In late June, it was with great pride that Vicki Jarman accepted a certificate and medal on behalf of both herself and Red Sea Diving College.

The presence of the MFO (Multi National Forces and Observers) in Sharm, as a peacekeeping force, is well established and both Vicki, married to a member of the MFO, and Red Sea Diving College have worked to support their social activities and help towards keeping the moral of the troops high.

Providing prizes and diving services to the troops has proved to be rewarding work on both sides, with all concerned realising the position these men and women are in being so far from home and loved ones, and the importance of balancing work and play.

It is with great pleasure and pride that Red Sea Diving College support the MFO, and will continue to do so.

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