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A long planed bridge between Egypt’s Sharm El Sheikh and the Saudi mainland seems once again to have been put on hold. The bridge if it were to go ahead would mean the end of Sharm El Sheikh and the northern Red Sea as the worlds top diving destination. The environmental impact would be enormous endangering many of the northern Red Sea’s endemic species.
The Times online ( 
http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/middle_east/article1744489.ece  ) have said that “King Abdullah, the Saudi monarch, was expected to lay the foundation stone for the causeway when he visited the Northern province of Tabuk last week”. Many articles have appeared recently reporting the go ahead for this 1.5 billion pound 15 mile bridge. 
Thankfully Egypt’s President Mubarak has come out against the planed bridge. The Egyptian news paper Al-Ahram reported that President Mubarak will not let the much talked about bridge go ahead, saying it would not be in the interest of Sharm El Sheikh.
We most all do what ever we can to support President Mubarak’s decision and ensure the bridge dose not get approval at a later date. The Red Sea Diving College applaud President Mubarak’s decision on this matter and ask you to do what you can to spread the word and ensure this nightmare at no time becomes a reality.

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