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Well some of Europe has declared school holidays have started, so being a female I’m going to have all the children for the next couple of weeks. I’m approaching 40, I have chosen not to have children, but guests see a female instructor and assume we will be in our element. Hmm, not so much! However, with my professional head on, I can deal with anything, so bring it on.

However, was not prepared for this, triplets…. really? All doing  Bubblemakers. I brief the parents as well as the kids. The parents are both divers, so are more than willing to help me keep the attention of these lads. And my goodness do I need their help. 3 little kids who are all over excited (maybe the Fanta at breakfast was a bad idea??) and I can’t tell them apart. I resort to grabbing the labels we use for boxes and writing their names on them. At least I can address them properly!!


Once we are briefed, I head for the water with my faithful assistant. We try our best, but it’s like herding cats, seriously! At least they are smaller than me, so I can control the random swimming some what. Our dive is actually fantastic, and despite being ‘limited’ to 2m, we are treated to an eagle ray, parrot fish and a rare squid, in the shallows.

Unfortunately, for mum and dad, we did such a great job of introducing the boys to diving that we have just tripled the cost of any holiday they plan in the future…. surely that’s a job well done??




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