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The most pristine reefs are generally bathed by strong currents, bringing a continuous flow of fresh nutrients. Corals are able to flourish, and marine creatures are plentiful, lured by the abundance of food and the shelter provided by healthy corals. Predators are attracted by the bounty of prey offered and thus jacks, barracuda, tuna and best of all…sharks all patrol the reefs in search of a meal.

The strength of current required for such a surge in life and activity are often shunned by divers, not due to the fear of sharks, but due to the impracticalities of diving in such strenuous conditions.

One of the unique features of PURE is the opportunity to observe sharks in their natural habitat and the chance to truly understand shark behaviour. PURE now offers genuine shark encounters all year round with no baiting or feeding required.

With closed circuit re-breathers, divers are able to get up-close and personal with the sharks, the use of scooters allow divers to counter-act currents and spend time with these magnificent fish.

Picture this…you are dropped into the water, currents drift you into the area where the sharks patrol. You drop onto a concealed sandy patch between 35 and 40 metres, a curtain of whirling fish surrounds you as you wait motionless. After a few moments the action starts; one, two or sometimes three large grey reef sharks (Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos) appear. Tuna, barracuda and white tips, sometimes an eagle ray or two loiter as you sit and observe.

As decompression stops loom you slowly leave the area and take out the scooter and have some fun among the hidden reef and the schooling fish. Heading against the current to end the dive is easy as the scooter powers you to where you need to be.

This experience need only take a day and is open to certified closed circuit rebreather divers, it includes rental of a scooter (with tips on scooter techniques, and an orientation dive), some hints on shark observation techniques and of course the actual shark dive.

Depending on your comfort or experience this dive can either be on any day, or when surface conditions are suitable and of course when the currents are running.

Supplement on the daily diving rate : 69 Euros to cover the cost of scooter rental
Use a scooter to go where the average diver may not, re-breathers to eliminate the noises which disturb sharks and local expertise to find the right place at the right time.

Please find here a link to a video of our latest Scooters and Sharks dive

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