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Red Sea Diving College have for a long time been the premiere place to go to for diver education; we pride ourselves with this reputation and endeavor to keep up the good work of encouraging new divers to try the sport of SCUBA and qualified divers to continue to improve their SCUBA skills.  After all, the more experienced you are the more you will get out of your diving experience and love for the underwater world.

With this in mind one of our most experienced Instructors ‘Hooch’ AKA Paul Winkworth has opened up the idea of improving your SCUBA onboard our luxury liveaboard VIP One.  Most novice divers shy away from the idea of going on a liveaboard because they don’t want to be the odd one out and feel uncomfortable about their inexperience.  However Hooch reveals it’s a bit of a myth that liveaboard trips are only for serious SCUBA divers with 1000s of logged dives.

It’s logical that if you immerse yourself into a week of intensive diving with no other distractions and likeminded company, you are bound to improve and increase your confidence.”  A six night package on board VIP One offers 3 to 4 dives a day in some of the Red Sea’s most untouched remote area.  You have the opportunity to explore reefs, wrecks and some of the most exciting topography of dramatic walls all with your Instructor teaching you new and valuable skills.

Due to our vow to continue to encourage SCUBA improvers we have announced a special deal to complete the PADI Advanced Open Water course on VIP one for only €99.00 including the manual and certification.  Added to this we are offering two special departure dates for individuals on VIP One leaving  Sharm el Sheikh on 19th April & 17th May 2015 for only €650.00.  Can you imagine having a once in a life time trip on our luxurious motor yacht and walking away with a new certification feeling 100% more confident and happy with your diving skills for only €749 euro?

These two weeks are especially for divers who want to take the next step in diver education.  The SCUBA safari will follow the same exciting route of the Northern Red Sea Wrecks and Reefs itinerary and you will do the same dives as other more qualified guests.  The only difference will be that Hooch will hand-hold when necessary and help you learn various techniques.   You will learn how to safely dive a wreck, wreck penetration, how to deploy a SMB, how to identify unique fish species and how to exit and enter from a R.I.B (ridged inflatable boat).  Take the chance and just dive in – you will have a wonderful time.

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