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Typical. Sightings of sharks are up again this week and they put me on the boat. Well that’s going to be one disappointed guest today! I’m private guiding on local dive sites, so my assumption is a young kid. How wrong I am when the guest walks in. It is actually a couple, the lady is coming with me and the man is diving with the rest of the group. It turns out the lady U have is a Scuba Diver. Having learned to dive a few years ago, she was quite happy to certify as a Scuba Diver and as she put it “enjoy the shallows with my own guide and leave ‘him’ to it”. Suits me, its warm up there!

Expecting a nervous diver, I’m pleasantly surprised when we get on the boat and the first thing she does, even before making a coffee, is to set her kit up. She’s knows what weight she needs (rare) and sets up the belt unaided (even rarer!)  As the briefing comes to an end, my colleague reaches the inevitable part about the recent shark sightings, and I make a move to hide in the corner. I’m stopped in my tracks when my guests grabs me and requests that we go no-where near said shark. Fantastic..Coral and fish it is!
Normally that sort of get out clause would ensure that sods law says we would be surrounded by the things all dive, so I prepare my best diversions tactics as we descend. In 5 metres of water my guests asks to level off, so we end up truly bumbling in the shallows. Some days this can be a nightmare, if the sea is rough, the gentle swell in shallow water can make the best of us turn green, but it’s a lovely day, so we are free to float and gaze at the passing fishlife as much as we like. The big napoleon cruises past, the scar from a fish hook a few years ago clearly visible (yup, he was going that slow).  In the distance we spot a large grouper having some quiet time in the blue, and the lion fish are loving the shadows created by the table corals at this depth.

Shark free and still warm, we finish the dive and head back to the boat. We are last on board (the benefits of staying shallow) and everyone is raving about the white tip they saw. For possibly the first time in my diving career, instead of envy, my guest has a look of pity on her face.
“But just think of all the stuff they missed”. My kinda guest!

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