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It is impossible to ignore the recent shark activity in Sharm el Sheikh, we would like to reassure all our divers and address some of the key issues involved. Yes, there were 5 attacks in Sharm with one fatality but contrary to several news reports on the issue, not one of these involved divers.
Whilst we do not recommend jumping in the water wafting a juicy T-bone saying ‘here sharky sharky’, there is no reason to be afraid of any diving activity in Sharm waters. According to the Shark Trust more people are killed every year by dogs, bees, lightning and lions than by sharks. So unless you are afraid to go on picnics, out in the rain or on an African safari there is really little to concern you when diving. Even more interestingly enough you are two and a half times more likely to die in a vending machine accident than from a shark encounter.

Now that we have reassured you we can tell you that diving around the area is spectacular at present, the snorkeling restrictions and drop in visitors to the area makes the usually ‘crowded’ sites a relative oasis of calm. You will find many traditionally shy critters out and enjoying some peace in their dwellings. Take advantage of the peace and low rate winter offers to come and indulge in some spectacular diving.

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