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The warm water and low stress levels imposed by the excellent visibility means the diver can plan for less narcosis and head down a little deeper. Good visibility means it’s possible to make deep wall and canyon drift dives. The underwater scenery is impressive with stunning canyons, arches, caves and sea mounts in addition to pristine wrecks over 30m.

The decompression phase of the dive, far from becoming a necessary evil, is another dive in itself. Deco is usually out on the reef with superb corals and fish life to keep you interested on the stops.

Our staff of experienced Tec guides will take you to the depths of the Northern Red Sea canyons and wrecks.

Our filling station can supply any gas requirement: 100% Oxygen or 10/50 Trimix. We also have in stock 7 twin 12 liter manifolded tanks and 2 twin 15 liter manifolded tanks. We also carry a number of full Tec rigs.

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