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Course Overview

The purpose of the TDI CCR Mixed Gas Diver Course is to efficiently and safely train CCR divers to the use of Normoxic Trimix mixes as a diluent in a depth range from 39 to 60m. During the TDI course, you will learn how to plan and realise CCR Normoxic Trimix dives to a depth of up to 60m. The TDI course is linked to the use of a specific rebreather model, whereas the IANTD course is a general normoxic trimix course for all available and recognized CCR rebreather models.

Available models

  • Inspiration Classic – 950€
  • Inspiration Vision – 950€
  • Evolution / Evolution+ – 950€
  • Megalodon – 1050€
  • Ourobouros – 1050€
  • Pathfinder – 1050€
  • Prism 2 – 1000€
  • Sentinel – 1000€

4 days
(Theory – 1 pool/confined water session – 4 CCR technical dives of which 3 on trimix 14/34 with drills – bail-out training on normoxic 20/25, 300 minutes total dive time).

Program limits

60m with the use of a CCR unit with a normoxic trimix diluent

Required Equipment

– 18 years at the beginning of the course
– Certified CCR Diver on the specific CCR unit
– Logged at least 20 dives and 25 hours of dive time on the specific CCR unit
– Logged at least 100 dives of which at least 30 to a depth of 27m or more
– Recommended: Certified Open Circuit Technical Diver


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