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Sharm el Sheikh Diving

The Red Sea College can offer you some of the best Sharm el Sheikh diving packages during your SCUBA diving holiday. The Red Sea is renowned for its stunning topography, vibrant fish and coral life and clear warm waters and our team has the experience to show you Sharm el Sheikh diving at its best.

As one of the largest dive centers in Sharm el Sheikh we have the capacity to provide a variety of boat diving packages on a daily basis. Each day we have numerous boats leaving the jetty to some of the most famous Red Sea sites in the Northern Red Sea. 

Diving with us couldn’t be easier or more flexible around your holiday plans. From shore diving on our stunning house reef to boat trips to various areas – local sites, Ras Mohammed National Park or the Straights of Tiran, we can cater for all levels of SCUBA diver, tailoring your package around you.

Sharm el Sheikh diving has long been recognised as one of the top ten diving destinations in the world; benefiting from year round sun-shine and warm temperatures making it an ideal holiday destination.

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