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Sharm el Sheikh dive sites cover a vast area from the Straits of Tiran in the north to the famous SS. Thistlegorm and the Dunraven in the south in the Gulf of Suez.  With so many dive sites available and all within easy reach of our jetty, we can offer you a huge variety; from pretty shallow coral gardens to dramatic drop-offs.

Red Sea Diving College want you to feel comfortable and relaxed whilst SCUBA diving with us. So on your first day of boat diving our professional Dive Guides will take you to one of the easiest Sharm el Sheikh dive sites.

Sharm el Sheikh dive sites offer considerably diverse topography.  The sites on the main coast feature a fringing reef which extends from about 10m – 30m out from the beach and is about one meter in depth at high tide.

After the fringing reef there is normally a drop-off either as a dramatic wall or to a shallow sandy bay dotted with more coral pinnacles. Care needs to be taken in crossing the reef if SCUBA diving by shore and good buoyancy control is needed during the dive.

The sights with the word ‘Ras’ which in Arabic means head, often have stronger tidal currents; Ras Gamilla, Ras Nasrani, Ras um Sid etc.  With these sites most of the dives are conducted as drift dives or semi-drift.  Vigilant buoyancy control is a must as in some cases there is no visible seabed.

First day dive sites include the beautiful coral garden of Temple or Ras Katy in the south or The Gardens in the north. These sites have virtually no current and have very calm conditions due to their sheltered location – making them perfect places for first day buoyancy checks and Red Sea orientation.


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