Our Team's Best Sharm el Sheikh Travel Advice

The Red Sea Diving College team are Pros on Sharm el Sheikh Travel information. Collectively we have lived and travelling in South Sinai for many years and we are happy to share this expert information with you.

Sinai is a very special place.  It is the Peninsular of land which bridges the two vast continents of Africa and Asia.   Nestled at the foot of the magnificent Sinai Mountains in the south is the small resort town of Sharm el Sheikh often referred to as the Pearl of the Red Sea Riviera.  Sharm is an area of natural beauty with three national parks surrounding it; Nabq protectorate on the northern coast, Ras Mohamed National Park on the southern coast and Saint Katherine’s Protectorate in the north.

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How to Get Here

With our Sharm el Sheikh Travel information we make it easy to visit the Red Sea Diving College. Whether you book through an agent or book independently just ask us and we will give you the best travel tips from the best restaurants and bar to how to get a taxi. 

Where to stay

Over the years Sharm el Sheikh has grown from a small compact resort to a large area spanning over 25km from the north Nabq area to the Southern Old Market area. It has a vast range of hostels, B&B and hotels from 3* to 5* luxury.

Travel Tips

Our Sharm el Sheikh Travel information gives you all the travel tips you need for Sinai and Egypt. What to pack, where to go, how to go and even what wet suit to wear.

Sharm Weather

Sharm el Sheikh is blessed with 364 days of sunshine, however we still experience seasonal changes and being in the desert it can get chilly at night.  So check with our travel information what to expect and what to bring with you.

Diving Medical Facilities

Sharm el Sheikh as a diving destination is well catered for in diving medical facilities.  There are two fully equipped Hyperbaric Chambers and also a very efficient, fast and effective Search and Rescue high speed boat service.

The resort also has a Government funded Hospital, a fully equipped private hospital and a fully equipped clinic which cover all other medical emergencies including surgery.

We recommend that all of our divers and visitors travel with full travel and diving insurance like DAN insurance.

Red Sea

The Red Sea is an amazing body of water with a vast rich marine diversity making it home to an eco-system of over 1,200 fish species, 10% of which are found nowhere else in the world.  The Red Sea is the second most saline sea in the world and is an extension of the Great Rift Valley.

Ras Mohamed National Park

Ras Mohamed National Park is an area of outstanding natural beauty.  The park is situated on the southernmost tip of the Sinai Peninsula between the Gulf of Aqaba and the Gulf of Suez.  The park was established in 1984 and was set up to protect the delicate eco-system on land and underwater.