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All the major hotels have a doctor on staff or on call. So the reception of your hotel can help.

Remember that all medical services over here have to be paid for (there is no NHS). For more serious matters there is a hospital as well as a private medical centre.

For diving related facilities there are now 2 recompression chambers in Sharm.
The original one which was donated by USAID is still the most popular (all divers with the College are asked to donate 1 Euro per day towards the up keep of this chamber).
If you don’t want to, then mention this to the counter and these few Euros will be removed from your bill.
Dr Adel Tahir who runs this chamber is a well known and respected doctor in the area.

The other chamber is situated in the hospital and is run under the Ministry of Health.

A treatment in the chamber is about US$ 750 per hour (so check your diving insurance and dive safely !!).

Sharm el-Sheikh Hyperbaric Chamber and Medical Center
Location: Sharm el-Maya by the Travco Jetty
Telephone Number: (+20) 69-3660 922, 3
24hr Emergency Numbers:
Dr. Adel Taher: (+20) 12 2124 292
Dr. Ahmed Sakr: (+20) 12 3331 325

Email: sharmchamber@gmail.com

Sharm el-Sheikh Hyperbaric Chamber and International Hospital
Location: International Hospital, Hay-El-Noor
Telephone Number: (+20) 69 3660 893, 5
24hr Emergency Numbers:
Dr. Magdi Zakaria: (+20) 12 2152 196
Dr. Mohammed El Houfy: (+20) 69 3660 893, 5

Sharm el Sheikh, Sea Search&Rescue (SSR)
Location: Sharm el-Maya by the Travco Jetty
Telephone Number: (+20) 12 3134 158
Fax: (+20) 69 3664 148
Radio: Channel 16

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