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Diving Insurance

DAN’s mission is that of operating and maintaining an international network of alarm centers, active 24 hours a day, guaranteeing, in the event of an emergency, specialized assistance, to any diver, anywhere in the world.
Joining DAN means actively participating in the largest global diver organisation with over 200.000 members world-wide and agreeing to give an important contribution to DAN’s work in safeguarding the safety of all divers and in diving medical research. Each member also obtains personal benefits and services so particularly valid as to be considered unique in their class.


  • 24 hour, 7days a week, medical assistance, in the event of a diving emergency world-wide
  • Organization of medical transportation
  • Coordination of medical and hyperbaric therapy
  • Medical advice
  • Referral to medical specialists
  • Travel assistance, extendable to family members (DAN TRAVEL ASSIST)

[themecolor]Insurance Covers[/themecolor]

  • Policies specific to diving activities, through the best insurance companies, valid world-wide and without any excess fee
  • Assistance in and handling of the required formalities in the event of an accident

[themecolor]Personal Benefits[/themecolor]

  • Membership card with personal data and the telephone numbers to call in case of emergency
  • International Insurance certificate
  • Annual subscription to the scientific ALERT DIVER magazine
  • On line Catalogue of first aid goods, books, slides, videos etc. at special prices reserved for members
  • Special offers and conditions for Dive Trips and Dive Packets

You can get a DAN Basic Membership already for 68euro

If you want more information or you want to obtain your personal diving insurance go to www.daneurope.org

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