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Getting Around

Getting around Sharm el Sheikh can be very relaxed if you follow the Red Sea College team’s tips.  We are not just advising on transport but generally how to be ‘travel-wise’ on all topics which you might encounter on your holiday.  We want you to have the best holiday and find getting around Sharm el Sheikh easy from money matters to medical issues we have it all covered here.


Crime in Egypt in general is not common and violence is rare. In tourism areas pickpockets and petty thieves may exist, so be careful and watch your bags in crowded areas. Wanted items are sunglasses and mobile phones.

[themecolor]Health & Medical Services[/themecolor]

No matter what your precautions, a change in weather and diet can result in diarrhoea and nausea. Drink only bottled water and plenty of it. Eat in the hotel restaurants and always protect yourself from the sun.With growing tourism along the Red Sea coastline, medical facilities have developed as well. Nowadays all major hotels have medical facilities and some have a doctor on call. For more serious matters, there are two private hosptials as well as a government hospital in Sharm El Sheikh.

Pharmacies are plentiful and are usually open from 10am to 10pm. Medication is subsidized by the government and is inexpensive. Prices of medication are usually written on the packing.


Egyptian currency ranges from 25 Piasters up to 1000 pound notes. The Egyptian Pound (LE) is linked closely to the Euro, and payment for most things can be in either local currency or common hard currencies
Credit cards are widely accepted.

[themecolor]Transport in Resort[/themecolor]

If you wish to explore more than the inside of your hotel, then there are many ways to get around in Sharm

  • Hotel shuttle bus
    Please check with your hotel reception; most hotels offer a shuttle bus service to into town.
  • Taxis
    Official taxis have an identification number attached to the dashboard.  Usually they line up in front of  hotels or restaurants,  but you can also stop empty taxis on the street by waving your arm. It is a good idea to negotiate the price before actually getting into the taxi.
  • Mini-bus
    These shuttle between Sharm El Sheikh and Naama Bay and are only allowed to go along the main road. As the main transportation for locals they are very cheap 1-2 LE, but are not licensed to carry foreigners.
  • Car rental
    There are numerous companies offering car rental. Check with your hotel reception.
    A standard car will cost approx. US$50 per day with 100km free mileage included.
 Whether you are driving or not, be aware that in Egypt the driving style is erratic to say the least!


There are 3 main network providers and although you will be able to use your own phone, it can often work out cheaper to buy a local SIM and use that. Top up cards are widely available in supermarkets and shops.

[themecolor]Business hours[/themecolor]

Banks: 08:30am to 2pm daily, closed Friday, Saturday and national holidays. Some larger branches open in the evening for foreign exchange only.
Shops: 10:00am to midnight or later


Arabic is the official language but most of the Egyptian people working in tourism speak at least some English.

[themecolor]Food and Drink[/themecolor]

Sharm El Sheikh has plenty of restaurants, and you will find a wide variety of options if you venture into town.
Ask your dive instructor when you arrive for their recommendations!

[themecolor]Night life in Sharm El Sheikh[/themecolor]

If you have the energy after a days diving, then there are plenty of clubs and bars to keep you amused into the early hours.  The bigger clubs won’t normally open until midnight, so pace yourself.

[themecolor]Things to do[/themecolor]

St. Catherine’s Monastery & Mount Sinai

According to many, this is where Moses received the Ten Commandments.
The monastery was built around the 4th century chapel, which is believed to be the site of the burning bush. The fortress that surrounds it was built around the 6th century and is still an operating monastery. Overnight trips include climbing the highest point of South Sinai – Mount Sinai – offering a beautiful view during sunrise and a visit of the monastery.
Day excursions cover the St. Catherine’s monastery only.

Coloured Canyon
Hike the mountain where nature has carved a rainbow through the rocks.

National Parks
Spectacular flora & fauna unite for a great day trip. Located at the waters edge,  snorkelling is a welcome refreshment during a visit.

Salah Eldin Fortress of Geziret Faraun
Take a boat trip to Pharaoh’s Island, crowned by a Crusader fortress. This fortress was begun in 1170 by Salah ad-Din, and has recently been restored.

Explore an oasis ,where palm trees and water contrast with the desert surroundings.

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