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Find a twin set clumsy ? Travelling to a remote location where only single cylinders are available?  Recreational diver looking to extend your bottom time ? Then sidemount diving could be for you.

Sidemount refines « no-mount » diving pioneered by British speleologists who used scuba to negotiate water-logged passages. Cylinders worn at the diver’s side are trimmed and unclipped to/from the hip to negotiate narrow restrictions.

Sidemount equipment configuration and protocols provide redundancy and gas volume equivalent to a twin set – with more flexibility, comfort, manoeuvrability, a narrower in water profile and better trim.

Ideal for cave diving – and increasingly seen in open water – some say sidemount is the closest a scuba diver can get to freediving.

PURE is happy to announce sidemount dive packages and training courses at all levels, including Open Water Sidemount Diver, Technical Sidemount Diver, Sidemount Cave Diver, Sidemount Wreck Diver, Sidemount DPV Diver (Monkey Diver), and Sidemount Instructor, as well as Sidemount Try Dives. All specific equipment is available for rent and is of course included for all courses.

Please contact us at info@purediving.com for more information on these new exciting diving options.

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