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It’s back to the boat for me today and my guests today want the services of a Private Dive guide. This can be for many reasons, today it becomes apparent, as they enter the centre, that it is because they both have a rather large and expensive looking camera set-up.  After chatting to them to find out what they want from me today, it appears I’m going to be rather cold. They simply want to photograph critters. In my experience this means me finding some little things and then sitting back as they spend at least 5 minutes trying to get the perfect shot. I can only amuse myself by hovering for so long, but I’ve got to keep an eye on them so I can’t go off anywhere, and the lack of movement means you typically get cold quickly. Thankful of the heads up, I pack another layer to my wetsuit before we head to the boat.

The dive goes exactly as planned, and as I predicted. First it was a nudibranch, then a baby nemo, followed by a tiny baby box fish. At that was it.  One hour and 3 fish later, we are back on board.  The guys spend the surface intervals adjusting the cameras (they could have been doing something very technical but it’s all lost on me). The second dive I swear I’m feeling colder just because I know what’s coming, but the request for another nudibranch is soon fulfilled. My last task is to find a Stonefish, bigger, but far more difficult to spot. The plus side is the guests are more than happy to fin along if we are looking for something, so I see this as a chance to warm up a little! As reward for my suffering, just as I’m about to give up, I spot one.  I quickly figure out that they are trying to get a shot of its eye, rather than the whole thing. Seems strange but, hey, whatever. Artists……

The guests are more than happy with the results and are raving to other guests what a great eye I have for the small stuff. To the point where the others start asking how they too can get a Private Dive guide.  As if in panic, my guests from today immediately ask if they can have me again tomorrow.

Dammit, my morals won’t let me ignore stuff I know they want to see, so I guess I’d better dig out the dry suit!

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