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Having made a full recovery from last week, I’m back in the water and back at work. Hitting the boat today, I’m finishing an Open Water Course for a lovely guest who has been great during her first two days. A lone female traveler, she wanted to take up a sport that would allow her to combine holidays in the sun and that chosen activity. It was us or kite-surfing! We have chatted about this at length over the past few days, as this is exactly the reason I took up diving. In my mid twenties all my friends were settling down in one way or another and suddenly I had a shrinking social circle. So I decided to take up something that would occupy my weekends and maybe encourage me to actually take a holiday (or two) rather than keep putting it off. I have ‘warned’ my student of the risk of certifying as a diver (that being you fall so in love with it that you rent your house out, sell the car and resign from your job and move continents to follow your dream). Not put off, we have reached the last dive and are heading out to get some boat diving experience.

Pulling up and clearly seeing the bottom (at a good 20m), she has to be practically dragged away from the side railings, where she’s in awe at the fish that have come to graze on the bottom of the boat. Briefing done, we head into the water and down to our maximum depth of 18m. We are greeted by a huge moray, gulping away, which I suspect my student is viewing with suspicion, as it can look like they are flexing their jaws in anticipation. Our dive flies by and we are back on the boat before we know it. Our surface interval is spent with me being grilled on how hard it actually was to pack up everything and leave my old life behind. Our second dive has very few skills so we spend most of our time fish spotting and are treated to another moray, some trevally, a nudibranch and some passing parrotfish, moving in formation, looking very determined to get somewhere we will never know.

Back at the centre, with her certification in hand, the conversation comes back to doing this as a job. I remember I never answered her surface interval question. Is is hard to leave everything behind and do this as a career. I gave her the same answer as I give every one who asks. And the answer is not just a ‘stock’ one, it’s genuinely the same every time because I still feel the same:

“Easiest thing in the world, when I get to do this everyday!”

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