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Anyone who has dived in Sharm will most probably at some point have departed from the jetty of Naama Bay. Sitting casually amongst the hustle and bustle of the boats, tanks, crew and guests it is easy to overlook the fact that beneath the boat lies a fragile marine eco-system.

On the 25th September the Chamber of Diving and Water Sports, with the support of Project Aware and the efforts of leading dive centres, organized a combined effort to clean up this area of litter and general debris. Red Sea Diving College with their team of divers from the MFO was more than happy to provide assistance.

The MFO an observational force in Sharm (there to help observe the peace treaty) were more than happy to partake rather than just “observe” on this occasion.

Astounded at the tones of rubbish to be found, the MFO and Red Sea College team jumped in for a second dive; retrieving even more the second time around. Sadly there was little in the way of goodies to be found and the most exotic find was a rusty old pair of Ray Bans!

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